Radiology Case Study: Speeding Up Reporting by 40%

Consolidated Radiology ComplexAs we all know, radiology consultations are critical to diagnostics and treatments and many hospitals and GPs depend on the fast delivery of the results to be able to continue treatment. Amazingly, time is often wasted dealing with administration – with long waiting times between the dictation of the report by the radiologist and the transcription of the report by the transcription team. Reasons for the transcription bottleneck vary from cost restrictions to the difficulty of finding good medical transcriptionists. In this respect, the situation in Puerto Rico is very similar to that in mainland USA.

Consolidated Radiology Complex is a private radiology group that serves the southern and northeastern areas of the island of Puerto Rico. President Dr. Jorge Haddock, decided to implement speech recognition in order to solve both of the aforementioned issues: to reduce the costs associated with transcribing medical reports and increase the productivity of the transcriptionist in an attempt to facilitate faster diagnosis and medical reporting. Because the radiologists at CRC dictate their reports in English, the US Radiology ConText was implemented.

CRC now has a reporting system that complies with international standards. MRI and CT scans, which typically generate long reports, are now available within 3 to 5 minutes, compared with 5 to 10 minutes previously. This reduces the waiting times for patients and referring physicians alike, as well as the costs associated with medical transcription.

Turnaround time for MRI and CT scans

CRC is now working with the vendor to interface their new report creation system with the Radiology Information Systems in order to further speed up radiology reporting by automatically including the patient data in the dictation.

> Full case study can be found here


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