Numbers to chew on…

Statistics to chew on I thought I’d dedicate a thread to the following statistics, which successively caught my attention during one of my cyber quests for industry data. Like any piece of information, these quotes shall be handled with care, like air balloons in a field of cactuses, or at least put in their original context using hyperlinks whenever provided…

As many as 98,000 Americans still die each year because of medical errors despite an unprecedented focus on patient safety over the last five years. USA Today commenting the 2005 study from The Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Massachusetts State Board of Registration in Pharmacy estimated that 2.4 million prescriptions are filled improperly each year in the State.

Study Indicates Physicians Experience Stress Following Medical Errors (August 2007 issue of The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety)
Physicians reported increased anxiety about future errors (61 percent), loss of confidence (44 percent), sleeping difficulties (42 percent), reduced job satisfaction (42 percent), and harm to their reputation (13 percent) following errors.

Medical Errors: The Scope of the Problem (AHRQ 00-PO37)
The majority of medical errors can be prevented: One of the landmark studies on medical errors indicated 70 percent of adverse events found in a review of 1,133 medical records were preventable; 6 percent were potentially preventable; and 24 percent were not preventable.
Other potential system improvements include:

  • Use of information technology to eliminate reliance on handwriting for ordering medications and other treatment needs.
  • Avoidance of similar-sounding and look-alike names and packages of medication.
  • Standardization of treatment policies and protocols to avoid confusion and reliance on memory, which is known to be fallible and responsible for many errors.

60 percent of speech recognition sales are in healthcare.”
Author Bob Keaveney quotes the Gartner Group in a Physicians Practice, Inc. article.

“In the healthcare area alone, it is estimated that more than $15bn (£8bn) is spent annually on the manual transcription of doctor’s notes.
Nick Hampshire discussing speech recognition market figures in ZDNet UK


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