An example of integrated PACS / speech recognition

An example of integrated PACS / speech recognition With over 110 physicians, The Buffalo Medical Group is one of the oldest and largest multi-specialty physician group practices in NY State. In 2004, the organization chose to implement a back-end speech recognition system fully interfaced with their PACS in order to streamline the documentation workflow in their Radiology Department. Michelle Roesler, director of radiology, shared her experience in a 2006 issue of Health Imaging & IT:

At this point, all of the reports generated through speech recognition go through transcription for quality assurance and are than sent back to the radiologist for sign off.

Speech recognition is integrated with the PACS, which simplifies workflow and increases productivity, enabling radiologists to begin their dictation immediately without the need to enter details such as bar codes. Completed results can be seamlessly uploaded to the PACS through an HL7 connection. All information is exchanged electronically through a bidirectional interface. Once a dictation is complete, the report is processed in the back-end by the speech recognition server and made available to a transcriptionist for correction. The integration between the two environments also eliminates the need for the user to log on twice: the digital dictation application is started and ended automatically by logging on and off PACS. When a radiologist pulls up images on PACS, the medical record number is blown in for them.

Voice streaming over IP is used in parallel. This service was designed by the vendor to automatically determine the fastest method for sending files to the central system, thereby eliminating bandwidth-intensive methods for voice file transfer purposes such as FTP, e-mail, or file copying. Dictations, whether completed in the office or on the go, are immediately made available for transcription. Only the required information needs to be transferred to the transcriptionist and no file is ever stored on the local PC. Centralizing all client/patient information, document types and templates on the main server allows BMG to preserve the integrity of voice files while ensuring an optimal level of security in the document production process.


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