Berlin 2007 Unveils Bright Future for Speech Recognition in Healthcare

Berlin 2007 Unveils Bright Future for Speech Recognition & Healthcare This year, the Philips Speech Recognition Systems Partner Event was held at the Hotel Concorde in Berlin, Germany; a jewel of modern architecture and design where over 150 attendees gathered to discuss the latest advancements and use cases in professional speech recognition.

Of all presentations, I would like to highlight two that are of particular interest to us here:

Dr. Stephen E. Rosenthal Dr. Stephen Rosenthal, Associate Director, ER Department and Director of Medical Informatics at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital explained how the combined use of wireless and speech recognition technologies in the Emergency Department accelerates and secures the delivery of medical reports while allowing physicians to save significant charting time. Thanks to a HL7 interface and a dedicated application for Window Mobile, physicians can access up-to-date patient information and dictate directly from their PDA. Completed dictations are immediately streamed to the speech recognition server through the wireless connection, resulting in final reports being available prior to the physician leaving at the end of his shift. > View presentation (500 kB)

Mary Radley Mary Radley, from the Children’s Hospital in Boston explained how the hospital reduced report turnaround time by implementing speech recognition following the Six Sigma Methodology. Since the implementation of the speech recognition system, the hospital reports a turnaround time of less than one day for 85% of the reports as well as a 33% increase in transcription productivity.

Also attending were Philips SRS marketing allies including Citrix, Map of Medicine and Health Language. This only confirms Philips’ commitment to engage on the interoperability path and provide healthcare professionals with structured, standardized clinical information that can be accessed through improved network infrastructure.

The professional speech recognition community is definitely here to stay, making noise and growing. In Berlin this year, Philips and partners clearly reinforced their commitment to the healthcare sector in the long term, and with a hospital-wide penetration of close to 100% in some Scandinavian countries, gave further proof of a clear market leadership.

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