How to Purchase SpeechMagic?

How to purchase SpeechMagic I thought I’d clarify this point since I am asked this question on a regular basis. The SpeechMagic speech recognition engine from Philips is not a standalone solution that can be purchased on its own; it is typically integrated by a number of selected software vendors as part of their respective portfolios of dictation and workflow systems, EMR or PACS. These vendors bring in the equation the dictation interface and workflow management components that are as critical as the speech recognition engine itself for a complete, powerful documentation platform.

Only a selection of software companies serving the medical industry were allowed to integrate the Philips speech recognition technology with their respective systems and applications to date. Depending on each vendor’s resources and expertise, some will offer more advanced features than others, although they all have to follow strict integration guidelines upon being accepted as a SpeechMagic partner. SpeechMagic partners typically exhibit at all major healthcare IT tradeshows (i.e.: HIMSS, AHIMA, RSNA, MGMA, eHealth, JFR, etc.) and can be identified through the following logo:

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