HIMSS 2007 Leadership Survey Results

HIMSS Logo Fall 2007 is definitely harvest season for market intelligence in our sector of interest: healthcare IT. After the MRI’s and HealthImaging Surveys, now comes the HIMSS 18th Annual Leadership Survey results. The survey “reports the opinions of information technology (IT) executives from healthcare provider organizations across the U.S. regarding the use of IT in their organizations. The study was designed to collect information about IT priorities, technology adoption, application usage and other crucial factors in the use of IT to enhance healthcare.” Here are a few interesting findings…

IT priorities

Implementing technology to reduce medical errors and to promote patient safety continues to be a top priority (35%), both now and for the future. This is being driven by a focus on quality of care and patient satisfaction, which were identified most frequently as the healthcare business drivers having the most impact in the next two years.” Workflow redesign still scores 30%.

Current IT Priorities

Technology adoption

Speech recognition is on the list of technologies that survey respondents intend to implement in the next two years, although Intranet and high-speech networks have become the number one priorities:

Technology Adoption

Security technologies

Electronic signature appears as one of the top technologies to answer respondents’ primary concern regarding the security of data at their organization:

Security technologies

IT budgets

Nearly threequarters of respondents reported that their IT operating budget will increase in the next year. Many respondents attributed this to an overall growth in the number of systems and technologies.

Vendor satisfaction

In general, respondents were satisfied with the overall IT products/services they receive from suppliers, application vendors and consulting firms—60 percent of respondents indicated that they were satisfied.

>> Read full Survey from the HIMSS web site


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