Independent Research Firm Recognizes SpeechMagic Leadership

Independent Research Firm Recognizes SpeechMagic Leadership Frost & Sullivan announced yesterday that Philips Speech Recognition Systems (Philips SRS) won the 2007 Global Excellence Award in speech recognition technology. The award recognizes the Austrian firm for its “demonstrated leadership in the field of speech recognition technologies for the healthcare market.” Research Analyst Nikolopoulos goes even further by saying SpeechMagic is “becoming the ‘de-facto’ standard document creation platform in healthcare throughout the world.”

Decades of experience, a portfolio of 25 recognition languages and more than 150 specialised vocabularies, coupled with over 8,000 installations of its flagship product – SpeechMagic – across 50 countries, bear testimony to Philips SRS’s position as a global market leader.

“SpeechMagic is a client/server-based, professional speech recognition package, which can be fully integrated with other healthcare IT solutions such as RIS, HIS/EPR and PAS,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Konstantinos Nikolopoulos. “It is suitable for both small and large systems, and by supporting distributed networks it ensures that dictation, recognition and correction can be done independently of the location, across a local or wide area network or the Internet.”

“Intelligent speech interpretation technology assures that the system not only recognises words but also understands their meaning,” adds Nikolopoulos. “SpeechMagic formats text and recognises headers, hesitations and punctuations, thus reducing human involvement in the generation of medical documents to a minimum.”

The latest version of SpeechMagic pays special focus on the security needs of large installations. SpeechMagic is protected against instabilities in the overall IT system and loss of network connections. Security is further increased by Speaker Detection – a feature which protects individual speakers’ settings by detecting discrepancies between author and voice profile.

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