Speech Recognition More Accurate Than Transcription…

Bilingual Speech Recognition Who would have thought so just 3 or 4 years ago? According to a scientific presentation at RSNA 2007, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, transcribed reports show higher error rates than the ones returned from speech recognition applications. The study, conducted at the Radiology Consultants of Iowa, a non-academic radiology group in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, compiled error rates for 498 reports created with a system powered by SpeechMagic and compared those with error rates for the same reports transcribed in a traditional manner.

The traditionally transcribed reports included at least one error in 13 percent of the total, while the speech recognition reports demonstrated one error in only 9 percent of the total studies.

The rate for significant errors, requiring the preparation of an addendum, was 0.6 percent for speech recognition and 2 percent for traditional transcription,” reports Floyd, RCI partner.

He shared that the accuracy rate for speech recognition reported by RCI was confirmed by an independent analysis conducted at one of the two acute care hospitals that the group services. The facility’s evaluation of 514 reports conducted in September produced an overall transcription error rate of 9.7 percent for both automated and traditional report generation, and that an addendum was required for 0.6 percent of the reports.

The report cohort consisted of 20 to 25 studies involving CR, MR, and general radiographic procedures from each of the 24 radiologists in the practice.

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