Speech Recognition 2008: Crystal Ball Predictions…

Crystal Ball Predictions… In a recent article published by US magazine For The Record, speech recognition is listed as one of the hottest issues for 2008 by healthcare industry leaders themselves. Here’s a sneak peek:

Brenda J. Hurley, CMT, FAAMT, director of industry relations and compliance at Medware

Institutions and medical transcription services will continue looking at speech recognition (SR) technology in 2008. In the transcription world, that’s OK. We look to use technology for better efficiency. But don’t put transcriptionists in a world where we’re just correcting the same errors every day and then expect increasing productivity.

For the new year, Hurley is hoping to see SR implementation that incorporates two main cost-effective strategies: standardization of healthcare documents and following dictation best practices format. By applying these two factors, she believes greater efficiency will be achieved with traditional transcription, as well as the technological investment. “Why wait? Prepare now for technology to move ahead. Tackle the basics, and meanwhile, you can reap the benefits.”

Amber Doster, vice president of marketing at HealthPort:

Technology will be a valuable tool in the hands of healthcare organizations. More and more, we are seeing that providers want access to an increasing detail of information. In 2007, we experienced a spike in requests for product functionality and services that centered around pulling information from areas that have never before been accessed. Paper records don’t just need to be in the provider’s hands, they need the ability to quickly search through many types of documents for certain terms or procedures for patient care. In 2008, this need will only grow, and it will help drive solution development from a vendor perspective.

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