Meet with a speech recognition visionary at HIMSS 2008

Wireless Speech Recognition in the ER Visitors to the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Stephen Rosenthal, the first in North America to implement a wireless speech recognition and patient administration solution in an ER setting.

We introduced PDA devices that interface with the emergency and patient index system, as well as the speech recognition server. Physicians can now access up-to-date patient data and record their findings all from one single device,” explains Dr. Rosenthal.

Having turned his vision of a 100% future-proof system into reality, physicians now have access to a 24-seven solution. Document turnaround time has been accelerated significantly and the ER now has documents that are readable, searchable and that deliver suitable information for the electronic chart, making it much easier for physicians to make split-second decisions.

The ER is a fast-paced environment, says Rosenthal. We need to be with patients, we need to be mobile; we can’t be tied to a desk.

Dr. Rosenthal is credited with the initiation, development and implementation of medical informatics projects and has implemented electronic records, mobile speech recognition and digital dictation at his hospital. A member of the standards committee for interoperable Electronic Health Records (EHR) at Canada Health Infoway, Dr. Rosenthal has a vision that reaches far beyond the Montreal hospital’s walls.

“Standardizing information with the help of speech recognition can provide physicians with better decision support across provinces, even countries”, he noted.

Visitors to the conference will be able to share Dr. Rosenthal’s vision and experiences on the Crescendo booth (#6843) on February 26-27, 2008 (between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm). Meetings can be booked directly from the Crescendo web site.


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