MedQuist settles $7.5M class-action suit

MedQuist settles $7.5M class-action suit I had promised an update on the MedQuist Saga outcome. Well, here it is; Season one’s grand finale. On March 10, MedQuist executed a $7,537,001.83 million settlement with “the plaintiffs and certain other putative class members represented by plaintiffs’ counsel in the South Broward customer class action.”

This settlement closes the putative class action that was filed on September 9, 2004 against the company. Plaintiffs alleged that the company overcharged certain non-federal governmental hospitals and medical centers for transcription services.

The settling parties will release the company and all individual defendants from any and all claims and dismiss the action in its entirety with prejudice.

The settlement is subject to formal documentation by the parties. Because the parties are not settling on a class-wide basis, no class will be certified, and thus there is no requirement to give notice. Neither the company, nor any of the individual defendants, has admitted or will admit to liability or any wrongdoing in connection with the proposed settlement.

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