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Re: Smells like Team Spirit

Answer to yesterday’s question:

They did.

They didn’t.


Smells like Team Spirit…

Go Habs Go!
No doubt Montreal physicians have experienced more productive days. Well, Montrealers in general. For now, our hearts are ringing busy in the middle of the Bell Centre arena until the crucial question finds its one-way answer: Who will dictate the rules tonight?

Dictation Etiquette

Dictation Etiquette We often blame physicians for their illegible writing, but sometimes, their dictation skills aren’t much better. I have the feeling that physicians and medical transcriptionists alike are going to love these videos, just released by SpeechMagic to help physicians with a few tips and tricks for optimal digital dictation / speech recognition output:

Beware of background noise

Distance to the mike

Keep a constant rhythm

On the same note, I came across a blog called “Dictation Therapy for Doctors”. The author offers Language Skills Worksheets and Consciousness Raising Exercises, my favorite being Exercise #2, “designed for physicians who vent their anger against the personnel in the Medical Record Department during the course of their dictation!” The site also displays a number of cartoons, “perfect for printing and and posting in a variety of high-impact places in hospitals and clinical settings”. Enjoy!

Red handed: Radiologist caught playing with speech recognition off hours…

Radiologist caught using speech recognition off hours…

Just to start the week on a fun note…

Thought of the day: “Contextual Intelligence Matters…”

contextual intelligence matters

Ooooppss…doesn’t it?

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