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Freshly Squeezed…

Freshly Squeezed …from the ConText blender. SpeechMagic is now served in the following flavours:

  • Consultations – US English
  • Emergency Medicine – US English

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Philips Launches Professional Services Portfolio

Philips Launches Professional Services Portfolio Philips Speech Recognition Systems announced yesterday the launch of a comprehensive service portfolio for their integration partners worldwide, organized around four pillars:

1. Integration. Philips helps define and integrate the optimal set of SpeechMagic features; this includes input channels and the ability to deploy in Citrix Access infrastructures or on Windows Terminal Servers.

2. Deployment. Deployment services prepare for fast system roll-out with the aim of facilitating user acceptance and minimizing downtime during implementation and set-up.

3. Support. Support services provide the knowledge and tools for optimal system maintenance and fast resolution of technical issues, including training and workshops as well as standby and third-line support.

4. Productivity. Productivity services round up the service package, as Philips experts analyze end users’ working methods, evaluate results and user satisfaction, and provide recommendations to optimize workflows and processes.

Marcel Wassink, CEO of Philips Speech Recognition Systems, comments:

Philips has acquired a unique wealth of knowledge and proficiency while working with the world’s largest healthcare speech recognition sites which stretch across city-, region- and even country-wide health systems. The service offering now enables our SpeechMagic partners to apply this knowledge and experience directly to their IT applications. Our technicians, developers and consultants will help them design optimal solutions that boost productivity in hospitals and provide physicians with better information.”

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New interactive speech recognition module for clinical notes

New interactive speech recognition module for clinical notes Time to kiss those pens goodbye as Crescendo is about to announce the launch of a new, speech recognition based module to accelerate the processing of clinical notes. This new module allows physicians to fill-in clinical notes in real-time thanks to customized templates, macros, pull down selection, check boxes, voice commands, front-end speech recognition and electronic signature, all integrated into one single application. Resulting electronic reports can easily be stored and shared with other healthcare professionals.

Upon selecting a patient, the system loads a clinical notes template with bookmarks (i.e.: exam time, medication, length of stay, allergies, diagnostics, etc.) to guide the physician during the dictation process. The Physician can navigate from a bookmark to another using voice commands (i.e.: “go to next bookmark” or “go to medication bookmark”.) Text is populated on screen as the physician dictates thanks to the Crescendo front-end speech recognition system powered by SpeechMagic.

The new module also supports HL7 ADT integration to automate the import of patient demographics directly into the report. Once the report is complete, the physician can simply sign it off within the same application.

Automatic and predefined distribution occurs after the report has been signed off, and is configurable by work type, author, department and facility. “Every minute saved on charting time is an additional minute spent with a patient,” notes Costa Mandilaras, President, Crescendo Systems Corporation. “By combining different technologies and productivity features within one single application, Crescendo finally offers a new, consolidated approach to the management of clinical notes.”

On the integration end, like all Crescendo products, the new Clinical Notes module offers seamless interfaces with major PACS and RIS systems and supports thin-client infrastructures (Citrix Presentation ServerTM 3.5 and later versions) and terminals such as Wyse Windows Terminals.

The new module will be available for demonstration at the Crescendo booth during the AHIMA (Oct 8-11, 2007 – booth# 855) and RSNA (Nov 25-30, 2007 – booth #6451) tradeshows. Online demos can also be requested at anytime from the Crescendo web site.

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